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Indian Army bans Maggi. Banned in Delhi. Nestle stock slips by 6%

After witnessing ban in many parts of the country, the Indian Army has advised all the canteens to set aside the stock of Maggi. The Delhi government has banned it for 15 days now. Other state governments are yet to announce their decisions on banning this food product.

maggi ban

maggi ban

The AAP led Delhi government has decided to ban Maggi for 15 days since Wednesday. The Indian Army has ordered its canteens to keep aside the existing stock of Maggi and advised its military personnel not to consume it if possible. The order has an impact of more than 1000 army canteens country wide and will involve 13-lakh army personnel.


Other states to decide on Maggi Ban

Maharashtra government has defered its decision to Friday, awaiting the lab test results which tell if the Maggin noodle samples indeed contained more than permitted levels of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and toxic lead. It could be recalled that the trouble erupted after inspectors in UP had found out high levels of MSG and lead present in Maggi, which led to the total recall of a 200,000-pack batch.


Celebrities given notice



It could be recalled that the celebrities involved in promoting Maggi noodles have also been served legal notices. Amitabh Bacchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta are all in controversy for promoting this popular brand of noodles.


Nestle stock tumbles in the market

Meanwhile the stock of Nestle India, the manufacturer of Maggi noodles, has tumbled down by 6% after the news came about the Delhi govt. banning it. The stock had seen massive selling in yesterday’s trade also after the controversy has spurred up. Nestle India stock plunged nearly 9% on the BSE, seeing its biggest fall. The stock has hit a low of 5800 on the BSE.



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