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Infosys not to hire Indians but locals for its America and Europe operations.

India’s second largest software giant Infosys technologies has decided to hire locals for the sales team in America and Europe. In an effort to ramp up its operations, the company has devised with strategies to attract the customers using the local talent.


In a report from Business standard, Infy’s president – U B Pravin Rao was reported as saying that the company is seriously looking at hiring locals for the sales team “to ensure better mining of existing clients and new business acquisition”.


Big increase planned

Infosys has planned for a big increase in the sales workforce. The company is planning to bet big by hiring a lot of locals in the America and Europe regions to counter the economic slowdown, by boosting the sales front. Infy already has more than 1150 people working as marketing professionals in these regions.


Good earnings for Infy in this quarter

The company, in the previous week had announced a good set of numbers for its quarterly operations. Infy declared its net profit standing at Rs. 2992 crores, which showed an increase of 4 percent while compared to that in the previous quarter.


Troubles continue for Infy

However all is not well for the company. The company has also had keep up with its top management leaders continuing to quit. Nearly ten of its top founder leaders have quit the company in the past year alone, after the return of its founder N R Narayan murthy on the board, causing troubles to the company. The recent one being that of Basab Pradhan, who held the position of the head of the global sales and marketing team for Infy.

Infy’s CEO Shibulal was quoted saying – “We had the highest attrition rate of 18.7 percent during last fiscal (2013-14), including the fourth quarter, as 8,996 employees left between January-March for various reasons, including higher studies and in pursuit of better jobs”.



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