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iPhone 5 – a flop product for Apple ?

Analysts worldwide are skeptic of Apple’s iPhone 5 to soon become a thing of the past. Apple Inc. Stock price of Apple Inc. have seen cuts of over 38%, since the launch of iPhone 5. There have been reports that many experts feel that the company has to really re-work and strengthen many features to zoom up the sales again.


Price too high ?

The iPhone 5 today sounds expensive compared to its other competitors. The 16GB unlocked version of the phone costs $649, while the 32 GB is priced at $749 and the 64 GB product is available at $849.

Many analysts find this to be among one of the top reasons for the decline in sales of the product.

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Feature Competition from other smartphones

The iPhone 5 is facing a strict competition from other smartphones in the market. Sony’s Xperia Z is buzzing out with an increased amount of storage as compared to the iPhone 5 for the same price range.

The HTC One, with its superb high pixel density and 4.7 inches Super LCD 3 screen, is also proving to be a big competitor to the iPhone 5. Many users have long been complaining about the missing NFC connectivity feature from the iPhone 5.

Apple’s Siri, the voice controlled assistant product – though arises lots of interest among some users, technical analysts feel that it has a long way to go to deliver its worth to the consumers.

Apple’s Stock Prices decline

iphone - apple-logoCLSA analyst Avi Silver downgraded the rating of the Apple shares to “outperform” from “buy”, with a moderate price target of $505 from the earlier projected target of $575. Silver cited weaker iPhone trends as the primary reason why Apple’s shares have been so weak recently in the stock market.

Apple’s stock has seen a decline of over 18% year to date, while the stock of Google, has given 17% gains year to date in the NASDAQ exchange.

With these tough times ahead for the company, it becomes now interesting to watch CEO Tim Cook and his new management team to bring back the glory of the Apple’s flagship products.



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