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Bendable TV, 4K, Connected Cars showcased at CES 2014

CES 2014This year’s version of the annual Consumer Electronics Show – The CES 2014 – has yet again proved to be a major hit among the gadget freaks. Thousands of people thronged the show stalls and a myriad announcements have been made by top tech giants, showcasing the cutting edge technological products that they have to offer.

Following is an insight into the various show-stealers of the CES – 2014.

Samsung’s Bendable TV


Samsung's Bendable TV featured in CES 2014

Samsung has demonstrated its 85 inch Ultra HD TV with a bendable screen. Enthusiasts were thrilled at the showcase and has been definitely among the show-stealers during the event. Along with it, 105 inch Ultra HDTV with a curved screen has also been showcased. However if you plan to own any of these, then you will have to wait for yet for six months or more before Samsung releases them to the market.


85 inch Flexible OLED TV featured by LG in CES 2014

4K seems to be the buzz among the TV manufacturers. 4K is a new technology that can offer upto 4 times resolution as compared to the current HD Televisions. Major TV vendors including Sony, Vizio and others have showcased their 4K TVs in the show. LG has showcased a whopping 98 inch 4K TV with a flexible screen in the show.

And if you want to create your content in 4K definition, then Sony has come up with a camcorder that can record video in 4K resolution.

Car technologies

In-car technologies or ‘Connected Cars’ are among the hype in the show. Auto manufacturer Audi has loaded laser headlights with the Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight. Most of these cars are featuring 4G LTE connectivity. And not to miss is the buzz about Google’s car connectivity gadgets.

Tablets & Smartphones Reign – Samsung’s ATIV

CES 2014 - Samsung ATIV Book 9

Samsung ATIV Book 9 showcased at CES 2014

Tablets have continued to reign in the 2014 CES again. Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 is the top pick in this segment. The ATIV Book 9 is the first laptop featuring native lossless audio support, which means that it can play up to 24-bit, 192kHz audio. Without incurring any losses, the notebook can playback CD-quality (or lossless) audio files at their full bitrate.

Samsung ATIV Book One 7, running on Windows 8.1 is the Samsung’s offering as a 24-inch all in one PC. Laptop vendor Lenovo has also announced its Chrome OS based models being available very soon.

Wearable watches – still a craze

CES 2014 - Garmin vivofit fitness band

CES 2014 - Garmin vivofit fitness band

Wearable watches have still been a craze among the gadget goers. Biggies such as Intel and LG are coming up with smartwatches. Garmin has showcased its stylish fitness bands. Epson has announced smart glasses as well.



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