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Dhoom 3 Review : It is a must watch, but overstretched for 3 hours

The much awaited entertainment blockbuster of the year 2013 – Dhoom 3 has been released in the theaters today. While most of the movie goers on the first day gave it a thumbs up for the action thriller, many voices were heard that the movie is little over stretched in its length of 3 hours. We try to give you a broad review of the movie Dhoom 3 collected from the cine-goers on the first day of the movie release.

Spectacular shots

Dhoom 3 is packed with breathtaking shots. With his amazing cinematography work – Sudeep Chatterjee has definitely given reasons for the viewers to get their eyes dazzled with the magnificent shots in the movie. Director Vijay Krishna Acharya definitely deserves kudos for this effort.

Dhoom 3 poster

Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif fire up the screen in their first movie together

Aamir Khan – his spectacular six pack abs are a treat to watch in the movie. Though in her review of the movie, Piyasree Dasgupta on Firstpost has commented that “Aamir’s abdomen is not happy being his, it now wants to belong to Hrithik Roshan and hence tries to look like the latter’s.”, fans of Aamir are left with no less splendor watching their hero flaunting his stylish six pack abs, that have been present on all the promo materials of the movie. As far as the acting skills of Aamir are concerned, he gets into the role of “Sahir” effortlessly.

Dhoom 3 Review Aamir Khan

Katrina Kaif looks stunning in the movie with her looks as usual. Her glamour is the icing on the cake for the viewers.

Abhishek Bacchan has done full justice to his role. His positive role, combined with Uday Chopra’s character – have just fallen right to make the movie a well remembered one.

The Plot

Though we would not like to play the spoilsport, we would definitely be happy to indicate the kind of plot that you have to expect when you plan for your movie show. Aamir Khan plays the role of “Sahir”, who would want to rob the bank. Sahir wants to take a revenge against the bank which had brought down the screens for the circus company run by Sahir’s father played by Jackie Shroff, who does not fail to leave his mark among the viewers with his short performance. Katrina Kaif plays the role of Aaliya. Abhishek Bacchan – seen as Jai Dixit along with Uday Chopra (Ali) – are all set to stop Sahir from looting the bank.

Slightly overstretched

Though the plot is gripping, the movie seems to have run slightly over, than the plot really deserves. The movie runs for nearly 3 hours making it a bit overstretched to encapsulate all the action sequences.

Aamir Khan as Sahir in Dhoom 3

Twitter praises galore

The Big B – Amitabh Bacchan had tweeted these words in praise of the movie – “It is SPELLBINDING !! Yes .. just out of DHOOM 3 !! Still searching for the right words to describe it ..”

In his review, Rohit Vats on IBN Live tweeted – “The writers have taken care of the backstory. Normally Bollywood doesn’t do so. Initial stunts are breathtaking. ”

Ticket Prices soar

Confusions prevailed among the viewers as it was quoted that the Dhoom 3 tickets were priced as high as Rs.900 and even more. Aamir Khan was reported to deny these increase in the fares by filmmakers and was reported as saying “they (the rates) were same as of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’. Not even a percent increase is there on ticket prices “.



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