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“Joker” – “Not funny” – Critics verdict

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha’s latest sci-fi flick “Joker” – has received a weak response from the critics. The movie which opened in theaters on Friday, August 31 – has not been well received among the movie audiences as well.

Reviewers have called Joker “as devoid of any sense or logic.” This Shirish Kunder’s latest sci-fi venture, have also been one of the hot topics being digged at Twitter.

One of the viewers had tweeted – “@Imbhatt: In #Joker, Akshay Kumar is a scientist. From NASA. Looking out for aliens. There, three jokes in one tweet.”

Joker Akshay and Sonakshi Sinha

Akshay Kumar plays ‘Agastya’ in the movie, an enthusiastic young man who works for NASA in the U.S. and is currently building a transceiver for communicating with aliens.

His girlfriend Diva (played by Sonakshi Sinha) receives news from India that Agastya’s father is seriously ill. And hence the two of them are set off to PAGLAPUR, an unheard village in India, which is being disconnected with other cities.

Agastya’s quest of giving Paglapur a place on the map of India, which he tried to do by coming up with a wild plan that includes the media, the people of Pagalpur, and – of course – the aliens. Does Agastya succeed with this idea? – forms the meat of the movie.

Fans of Sonakshi Sinha have to again bear the disappointment as her role in the movie is limited to dancing in songs, and one can count her dialogues on one hand.

During the promotion of the movie, Farah Khan had said that ‘Joker’ would make for a great family viewing at the theatres as elders wouldn’t have to worry about raunchy kisses and scintillating skin show popping every now and then in front of the kids.

A foot-tapping item song from Chitrangda Singh – ‘Kaafirana’, brings relief to the viewers.

Joker Chitrangada Singh



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