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Men can never be “just friends” with women !

It is official and confirmed now – There will always be a lot more in the relationship between a man and a woman. Men can never restrain from being “just friends” with the women. A recent scientific study has re-ascertained that this theory is indeed a fact.

man-and-woman friendship

Men would always be obsessed with the sexual attractions towards their female friends – the research has revealed. Regardless of whether they are single or not, men are driven by sexual attractions.

It has also revealed that men are more likely to harbour an attraction to their female friends and would always want to go out with them than the other way around.

Women have also shown similar attractions. Both Single and committed women showed the same level of attraction to their male friends. However the study reveals that attached women tended only to want something to come of that attraction if their relationship was in trouble.

The survey study conducted from the University of Wisconsin included, 88 pairs of young male and female friends who were asked to rate their attraction to each other on a secret questionnaire.

The researchers have said that the impact of work, hobbies and the university has contributed for the friendships between men and women reach unprecedented levels. It is also said that the films and television programmes had helped instill the idea that normal friends can easily become ‘friends with benefits’ – friends who have sex with each other.

The findings of this survey have been published in the ‘Journal of Social and Personal Relationships’.



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