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Mobile phones can cause impotency – Research

A recent research study conducted has confirmed the fact that using the mobile phones might have negative impact on men’s fertility which might lead to impotence.

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Keeping the mobile phones in the pockets might eventually lessen the chances of becoming a father, claims a study conducted by the University of Exeter.


Keeping phones in pockets can reduce sperm quality

The University study has reported that the electro magnetic radiation coming from the mobile phones, can have an impact on the mobility of the sperms. Dr Fiona Mathews, of Biosciences, who led the group conducting the study has reported that “This study strongly suggests that being exposed to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from carrying mobiles in trouser pockets negatively affects sperm quality.”



Research carried out on 1492 samples

It has been reported that the research was carried out on nearly 1492 samples. The study has indicated that the proportion of sperms having normal movement fell by an average of 8 percentage points when there was exposure to mobile phones.

This news might mean that the men who are already on the borderline of infertility for other reasons, might be facing further problems by using the mobile phones.



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