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Raaz 3 – Cocktail of true stories of Bipasha Basu

The new Mahesh Bhat flick is indeed a cocktail of true stories with none other than the Bollywood siren Bipasha Basu’s own story being part of the script. The movie plot also entwines segments from the lives of director Vikram Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafique.

Raaz 3 Bipasha Basu

Bold scenes shot by Bipasha

The posters have already created a sensation among the movie goers, with Bipasha’s “bold” scenes dazzle the promos.

It is said that given the “steamy” and “bold” nature of the script, the producers had considered using a body double while shooting. However Bipasha had no reservations on shooting the scenes and is reportedly insisted on shooting them herself.

“I have always been comfortable in my skin and never been conscious of my body. It was the right decision. It’s my movie and I should be shooting for the poster. ” Bipasha said.

Black Magic

Mahesh Bhatt pointed out that – “Raaz 3 is a cocktail of three true stories. One is about Shagufta, who has observed how people indulge in black magic to enhance their career. I know it sounds bizarre, but that’s the truth.”

Raaz 3

The movie is supposed to be a horror flick with a real message. “Though the film has horror all over it but it has a soul of real message, truth of fame-seeking celebrity,” Mahesh Bhatt said.

The movie is slated for release on Sep 7.

Past Relationships with women

The first trailer of RAAZ 3D was unveiled in a recent function, in which Vikram Bhatt talked about his past relationships with his ex-girlfriends.

“I have been in relationship with two actresses. I have lived with them closely.So, when I was making this film where Emraan plays the character, who is caught between two superstar females, I could bring something to the film that nobody else could because I have seen this in my life. It’s something that I have been up, close and personal with. I could bring something so real on-screen.”, Vikram was quoted saying.



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