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Spider Man ‘hits’ again. Collects $50 Million in Asia opening alone.

The fourth in the Spider Man sequel, – “The Amazing Spider Man” has become a huge hit, with the opening collections crossing over $50 million in the Asian box offices alone. Spider Man4 – as the the movie goers popularly call it, has received very good response from both the viewers and the movie critics.

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This Andrew Garfield starrer, opened during the weekend in 13 countries outside the USA. The movie opened on Tuesday in the United states. A whopping $13.4 million was seen as the collection in South Korea.

The Indian opening had a $6 million collection. Mexico and France also witnessed a very good response.

“An Amazing Movie” – Critics

The movie has received a very good response in all the countries. ‘The Guardian’ and the ‘Telegraph’ – have both given a rating of 4 in the scale of 5.

The movie has also received a good rating on the Web. It has managed to gather 76% on the Rotten tomatoes.com website. 91% of the viewers have voted to watch the movie. It has already scored a 7.7 rating on the IMDB.com website.

Viewers have been truly taken away by the movie casting. Andrew’s performance in the lead role has been hailed by the movie goers. His pairing with Emma stone has worked out. Rhys Ifans has also done full justice to his role as a mad scientist.

So all in all, the Amazing Spider-Man is a must watch movie of this season.

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