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The Wolf of Wall Street – All the bad things glorified ?

“Shame on you” – Someone yelled at the director of Martin Scorsese for portraying all the bad things in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Hedonism, Recreational Drug usage – Are they to be glorified ? If there is anything that one feels after watching the movie “The Wolf of Wall street” – it is the same debate that has gone in the minds of people for generations. People at some point of their life do end up asking this question – Do these things really deserve glorification ? or do they have to be boo’ed ?

The Wolf of Wall Street

Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese has again sparked off the debate on this issue with his Leonardo Di Caprio starrer ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ movie.

The Wolf is based on the life of Jordan Belfort, a former stock broker in the United States, and his alleged indulgence in wealth and women. The movie showcases elaborate scenes of untiring human emotions – that of corporate greed, drugs, and lust for the body.

Record for the highest number of ‘F-word’ occurrences

The Wolf of Wall Street

Yes, the movie has surpassed the record of having the highest number of occurrences of the F-word. The movie is apparently said to have 506 occurrences of this word.

The makers of the movie have a different version to say. Di Caprio feels that Martin Scorsese’s approach is to portray the life of Belfort as it happened, unapologetic about their actions.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Actor Jonah Hill, who plays the role of Donnie Azoff (friend of Belfort) defended by saying – “I don’t agree with anything (the characters) did in the film. “I personally take away the message from the film that this behavior, this lifestyle, leads to a very bad ending,” – Jonah was quoted as saying defending that the movie does not indeed try to glorify that kind of human behaviour.

Splendid Ratings

The Wolf of Wall Street

While the movie’s plot is arguably controversial, moviegoers and cine-critics have given stellar ratings to the movie already. The movie has received a rating of 8.7 on IMDB. It has got a review rating of 75% from Rotten Tomatoes.



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