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Building collapses in Thane. 27 killed.

Thane Mumbai Building collapse - AP Photo

It has been reported that atleast 27 people were killed and over 60 people injured as seven-storied building has collapsed near Mumbai, police said on Friday.

Rescue operators have been successful in rescuing 40 people from the remains of the building that collapsed in the Thane area on the outskirts of the western coastal city late on Thursday.

It is said that the seven-storey structure was an illegal one, which was under construction, collapsed at around 6.30 PM yesterday burying the occupants and also construction workers.

Nine children, 11 men and seven women were killed, and the toll could increase as more could be trapped under the rubble, local police inspector Digambar Jangle said.

Police said 40 people were injured but media reports put the number at 64.

Around 100 members of the National Disaster Response Force continued the search overnight. A fire officer told broadcaster NDTV that up to 30 people could be trapped.

Government officials have said the building was put up quickly and without any of the required licences.

“This building had no occupation certificate. It doesn’t have an architect or a structural consultant,” the State Labour Minister Ganesh Naik told reporters.

“The building came up in one and a half months. So naturally the construction will be poor,” he said.Police filed a complaint of culpable homicide against the builder, who has fled.



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