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End of Sachin’s Test career ?

Will the Nagpur test match against England, be the last test for Sachin Tendulkar ? Reports indicate that this might be the case, where the cricket giant will go out of the stage from the fantastic test career.
Sachin Tendulkar Retirement ?

Earlier before the beginnning of the first test match in this series against England, the stalwart of the game himself had indicated that he would assess his future at the end of the series. Now after this final Test against England, Sachin may well decide that he has had enough.

Of late, seniors in the team have been targeted heavily by the critics for Indian team’s non-performance. There have also been some heads which have been rolled over in this regard.


Die hard fans of the maestro still feel that this is only a dip in Sachin’s career, and the giant would again emerge like a Phoenix, as he has done earlier manytimes. However this time, indications are rolling high in the wake of the master blaster himself reporting that he would assess about retirement at the end of the series. Performances have again been low with just one half century in five innings.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin has played for Twenty three long years. Sachin’s name has become synonymous with the Indian cricket team in the Indian households. It would really be a big void that one gets to see if Sachin opts for ending his career. It would come as a hard blow to millions of his fans in India and worldwide, to watch the Indian innings sans Sachin Tendulkar.



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