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Google unveils smart Contact Lens. It measures your Diabetes level.

Google has just announced its Smart Contact Lens which can measure your glucose level to indicate the severeness of Diabetes. With its revolutionary miniature electronic machinery, Google is trying to tap into the much hyped health electronics segment.

Smart Contact Lens by Google

Smart Contact Lens by Google - Includes a microchip and an antenna that is thinner than human hair

Lens uses your tears to measure Diabetes level

In a blog post, project co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz of Google have revealed that the smart contact lens uses the tears in the eyes to test the Glucose levels in the human body.

Pathologists and doctors have long felt that the blood sugar levels can be measured from the human tears. The only problem with this methodology was that it was difficult to procure tears to use it for testing. However with Google’s latest micro-gadget that fits directly inside the eye, it becomes very easy to test the glucose levels from tears.

Has a microchip and an antenna too

The new Smart Contact Lens has a micro chip that is embedded in the lens along with a small radio antenna as well. The antenna, which is much thinner than the human hair, will be used to transmit the readings taken by the glucose level sensor chip.

The microchip is embedded between two layers of the contact lens material, which prevents any direct contact between the eye and the chip.

It can even alert with glowing LEDs

This small gadget comes feature packed. It can even alert the users with glowing LEDs, when the glucose levels exceed the threshold limits.

Is it available in the market ?

Google has indicated that it has completed much of its clinical research studies with the lens and is in discussions with the US FDA authorities on releasing the product to the market. However it still maintains that a lot of work needs to be carried out before the patients can actually start using it. Private companies and third party developers can also develop applications that can interact with the data being sent from the Sensor. Speculations are on for how this technology can be integrated with the popular Google Glass gadget.

Deadly Diabetes disease

Diabetes is among one of the deadliest diseases the world is facing today. A recent report by the International Diabetes Foundation suggests that One in ten of the world’s population will have diabetes
by 2035. With such high numbers of patients for this deadly disease, Google has done its innovative bit in fighting against this monster threatening the humanity.



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