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I will send the Media to Jail – Arvind Kejriwal

In a yet another attack on the media, former Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has told that if his government comes to power, then he would send media personnel to Jail, as they had sold themselves to Modi.

Arvind-Kejriwal Photo courtesy AFP

Arvind Kejriwal campaigning - Photo courtesy AFP

Kejriwal made this comment while addressing a fund raising event in Nagpur. He accused the media of filling the minds of all the Indian public with words of “Modi, Modi & Modi” for the past one year. He said that the TV channels and persons from other media have been given heavy money by the BJP and Narendra Modi supporters.

Kejriwal had arranged a fund raising dinner for the AAP in Nagpur, which was charged at Rs. 10,000/- per seat.


A big conspiracy involving media

Arvind blasted that it was a big conspiracy that had happened as the media refutes to speak anything against Mr. Modi. He accused the media of being biased and of not showing any news against Narendra Modi.
He questioned the media on why it was silent and not showing the news items of how nearly 800 farmers have taken to suicide in Gujarat over the past ten years. He also questioned about Modi’s favourism for the Adani group.

He indicated that if his party comes to power, then he would definitely initiate a probe against this and send all the involved media personnel to jail.



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