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IT companies hint at low hiring. Wipro to hire 100 global grads every year.

IT companies seem to have been bogged down with the volatility in the economical conditions, indicating a low hiring profile for the year 2014.  Only 24% of the companies are expected to recruit full time employees this year.  Although the top major companies have reported a good set of performance numbers for their previous quarter, the mood remains cautious for these companies.

Hot trends for IT jobs

As with the year 2013, Cloud computing continues to don the trending technologies for the coming year too.  Along with this Big data analytics is picking up in a big way with the IT companies, as every company is trying to soak their feet in this technology.  “Cloud computing, big data and analytics will be the hot areas as these are the ones that directly bring the revenue for the organisations,“


Salaries might increase in double digits

IT hiring
However 2014 might see increase in the wages of the IT employees. With the improvement seen in the US labour market, one can expect the salaries of the Indian IT companies to be hiked in double digits for the next year.  If the rupee does not play any spoilsport, then analysts are expecting that the employees might be headed for a hike of 10-12% .

Uncertainty to remain

Wipro’s Chief Financial Officer Suresh Senapaty has already indicated that the uncertainty is likely to continue for most part of the year, as India is heading for general elections during this year. This uncertainty might also contribute to some amount of volatility in the currency market, leading to changes in the profit margins of the IT companies.

Wipro to hire 100 graduates for “Global 100”

Wipro - TK Kurien
Wipro is all set to hire 100 graduates every year, beginning from this year, from countries like India, UK, US, Germany, France, the Nordics and South Africa. Announcing this at a press release, Wipro’s CEO T K Kurien has indicated that this global workforce will be recruited after undergoing rigorous tests including many psychometric tests. Wipro plans to pay these grads equally all over the world, and they would then be commissioned on various global projects in different countries of the world.



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