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Jaswant Singh cries as BJP denies ticket to him. To contest independently.

Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh was spotted breaking down during an interview, as the party had denied ticket to him to contest the election from his home constituency ‘Barmer’ located in Rajasthan.

Jaswant Singh Crying

Jaswant Singh Crying

Singh was seen shedding tears as he announced that he will contest as an independent candidate from the same constituency. Sources have said that the denial of the ticket to Mr. Singh is seen as a direct blow to end the L.K Advani legacy in the party. Jaswant Singh is considered to be a close aide of Mr. Advani.


Singh was offered Dahod in Gujarat

Sources from BJP say that Jaswant Singh was offered a Lok Sabha seat from the Dahod constituency from Gujarat. However Mr. Singh insisted on contesting from Barmer, which is his hometown.


Sushma Swaraj protests

Earlier on Sunday, party leader Sushma Swaraj had also expressed her anguish over the non-issuance of ticket to Jaswant Singh. She expressed that the decision was not right, but quickly added that the opinion was her personal.

The party top-brass however have maintained that the decision was unanimous and was taken in a democratic fashion by the election committee.


Narendra Modi’s words ?

The opposition Congress has however criticized that the BJP has become undemocratic and tickets are being distributed based only on Mr. Narendra Modi’s words.



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