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Kejriwal in danger. MLA threatens withdrawing support reducing govt to minority.

In a very recent development, one of the independent MLAs in Delhi has announced that he will withdraw the support to the government led by Aam Admi Party in Delhi, which will reduce the government to a minority now. With this, the count of Arvind Kejriwal’s supporters reduces to 35, one number short of having the majority.

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal's Govt. in Minority


MLA Rambeer Shokeen withdraws

It has been reported that the Independent MLA Rambeer Shokeen has withdrawn his support to the AAP led government in Delhi, alleging that the government has gone back on various promises it had made to the people.

Shokeen is expected to meet the Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung to formally announce his withdrawal of support to the government.


Govt. reduced to minority

If Shokeen withdraws the support, then the numbers would fall shortage for Arvind Kejriwal to continue as the Chief minister of Delhi. The number would now fall to 35, one less than the majority in a house of 70 seats.

Arvind_Kejriwal Minority


Kejriwal had offered to quit on Lokpal

Kejriwal himself had offered to quit the post, if the Jan Lokpal bill was not passed in the Delhi Assembly with the support of Congress on February 15. Another important bill called the Swaraj bill was also slated to come for voting on Feb 16.



Through the proposed Jan Lokpal bill, the government servants in Delhi might get a life time imprisonment.


Congress does not support

Congress has reportedly been not supportive of getting the bill passed. It has been learnt from sources that Congress might abstain from voting on the said day. Congress has maintained that the Delhi govt. has not followed the rules for introducing the bill, while AAP has made it clear that the nod from the Centre is not required for introducing the bill in the state assembly.



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