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LinkedIn passwords hacked. Check if your account is safe.

Do you have a LinkedIn account? Chances are that your account has been hacked. As per a recent report, around six million passwords of the social networking giant LinkedIn, have been compromised. The company has also issued an official confirmation & warning in this regard.


Along with LinkedIn, the Online dating service eHarmony was also reported to have been hacked.

“We are continuing to investigate this situation,’ LinkedIn’s engineer Vicente Silveira has told. The company has sent emails to its members whose passwords have been affected along with instructions on explaining how to reset them. Affected members have to reset their passwords since the earlier ones were no longer valid on the site.


LinkedIn has over 161 million members worldwide. It is still not known about how the passwords were breached. It is also unclear if the hackers have also gained access to the email ids along with the passwords. This might lead to a major vulnerability.

Security experts have come out in open condemning LinkedIn, for not employing best security practices for transmitting & storing user’s passwords.



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