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Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson contests from AAP

The Aam Admi Party has decided to field Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi, in the Delhi East constituency for the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Arvind Kejriwal and Rajmohan Gandhi

Arvind Kejriwal and Rajmohan Gandhi

Announcing this after releasing the second list of its candidates for the Parliament elections, the Aam Admi Party has announced that Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi, who is also a noted academician and author of several books will be contesting elections from the Delhi East constituency.

Rajmohan Gandhi is the son of Mr. Devdas Gandhi, son of Mahatma Gandhi.


Sheila Dixit’s son is currently MP from Delhi East

The Delhi East is currently held by Sheila Dixit’s son Mr. Sandeep Dixit. With this move, the AAP is headed for a direct head-on with the former Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit, whom the AAP has been a very strong critic of.


Rajmohan Gandhi – Earlier Political career

Rajmohan Gandhi

File photo of Rajmohan Gandhi speaking at a public function

Rajmohan Gandhi had contested to the Lok Sabha earlier (1989), against Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in Amethi and was defeated. However he had served the Rajya Sabha for the next two years. He was also a key dignitary to lead the Indian delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission held in Geneva during this period.



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