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Microsoft’s CEO among the worst

Steve Ballmer, the software giant Microsoft’s CEO has officially topped the list of bad CEOs of America. The Forbes updated its latest list during the weekend, which terms these CEOs as the executives “who should have already been fired”!

In a recently published web article, Ballmer has been termed as “the worst CEO of a large publicly traded Amercian company today”. Ballmer enjoys a comfortable position of featuring 19th in the top billionaires’ list. Ballmer was accused of giving it up to Apple to reign in the personal segment, with little being done from Microsoft to regain the lost charisma. While Ballmer took his office in the year 2002, the company has been reported to move in tough times with stiff competition from Apple and other tech companies.

Ballmer was accused of taking decisions that had “singlehandedly steered Microsoft out of some of the fastest growing and most lucrative tech markets like the mobile music, handsets and tablets”. In the process, the company’s close allies in the ecosystem – HP, Dell and Nokia – have also been facing brunt of
Microsoft’s weary decisions. Microsoft is now betting big on its latest offering – Windows 8 -which it hopes to bring back the erstwhile glory.

The Forbes list also mentions other CEOs – who should have been already fired. The list includes Edward Lampert of Sears Holdings, Mike Duke of WalMart, Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric(GE) and John Chambers of the Cisco Systems.



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