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Power restored finally in all the three grids.

Finally there will be light again! As per an official confirmation, power has been fully restored to all the three electricity grids in northern India, which had failed causing a total blackout. The grid failure had affected more than 600 million people.

Delhi metro was evacuated as a result of the Power outage

Delhi metro was evacuated as a result of the Power outage

Power System Operation Corporation chief S.K. Soonee has said that the power had been re-established overnight in the northern, eastern and north-eastern grids, by engineers from PSOC, which is the state-owned company responsible for managing the country’s electricity generation system.

The grids had failed around 1 pm local time on Tuesday, resulting in one of the worst power blackouts that
the world has witnessed.

BBC and Reuters have termed it as the world’s worst outage. The incident affected nearly 20 out of the India’s 29 states, disrupting the lives of 600 million people including those living in the cities of New Delhi and Kolkata.

Over 3,000 MW power overdrawn from Eastern Power grid

As officials point out, one of the possible reasons for the outage could be overdrawing of the power from
various states.

M. Veerappa Moily, the newly appointed Power minister that about 3,000 MW extra power has been over drawn from the Eastern Grid.

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has reportedly summoned top officials of five states – Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir – which drew more power than they were allowed to. The regulatory body has asked these officials of the state energy departments to personally appear before it on August 14.

As per reports Haryana had overdrawn a whopping 22.4% extra and that of UP was 6.4%. Punjab had overdrawn 1.2% extra of its sanctioned load when the grid collapsed on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in an interview given to one of the online media, the chairman of Power Grid Corporation, R N Nayak, has assured that such incidents will not occur in the future. “We want to assure you that the grid failure will not happen again.” – he said.



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