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Pune rocked with serial low intensity blasts.

Pune has been rocked with five blasts in a row on Wednesday evening. The blasts were of low intensity and one person is reported to have been injured in the blast.

Pune blast visuals on the TV

Pune blast visuals on the TV

The blasts have been reported to be taken place near Balgandharva Theatre, at Dena Bank branch and a McDonald joint, while one was reported in a dustbin in the area, police said, adding entire area has been cordoned off. There have been reports that three blasts took place on bicycle and the fourth in a garbage dump.

The police have realized that it is necessary to investigate the blasts, as they have occurred in multiple places close-by. The NSG has also been moving to the city of Pune.

However at the outset, the police have opined that it might not be a planned terrorist attack. “All the bomb blasts have happened in one locality and it does not seem to be a terrorist attack, rather it seems to have been a mischief-maker,” Pune police commissioner Gopal Rao Pol said.

First explosion had occurred near Bal Gandarv theatre auditorium. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the newly appointed Home Minister was to arrive here this evening. Speculations are that the people behind the blasts had an intention to send a message to the nation with these blasts.



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