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Schumacher comes back from coma

Doctors have begun the process of “waking up” the legendary F1 racer Michael Schumacher, from his coma condition, after he had shown signs of recovery from the treatment given to him.

Schumacher, called popularly as ‘Schumi’ by his fans, had suffered a severe head injury in an accident while he was Skiing in France last month. He was put under medically induced coma while the doctors continued treating him for the injuries.

Doctors treating him have reported that he has “reacted positively” to being woken up from the medically induced coma, which was used to reduce his swelling from the accident. “Michael’s condition is still considered as stable,” – his manager Sabine Kehm was reported as telling the The Telegraph


Tragic accident on December 29

Schumacher - courtesy NDTV

Schumacher - courtesy NDTV

Michael Schumacher was a great fan of the Skiing sport. He had been a champion in this sport as well. It was told that Schumacher had always worn helmets during his Skiing expeditions.

However on December 29, when he was trying his skills in the Alps mountains in France, his helmet had been reported to have slipped and led to the massive head injury that he is trying to recover from now.

Schumacher was admitted to the Grenoble University Hospital where the doctors examined him and declared the condition was very critical. He was sedated and then his body temperature was brought down and cooled to around 35 degrees Centigrade (95 degrees Fahrenheit) to avert the risk of having any further damage to the brain.

Schumacher was operated and it was found that the brain had “lesions” which were actually widespread. With this the doctors decided to induce him with the coma and carry out the treatment.


“Leave us alone” – Schumacher’s wife

Schumacher - AFP

Schumacher - AFP

Meanwhile Corinne Schumacher, the wife of the Formula One giant, had asked the press and the media to leave them alone. She had asked “Please also leave our family alone.”. She told the reporters that this would aid the doctors to carry out their work in a better manner.



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