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Smoke marijuana legally – US Law

It’s official now. You can smoke the weed legally in the US states of Colorado and Washington, as per a new law which was voted on the sidelines of Obama’s victory for the second term.


Washington and Colorado voters legalized recreational use of marijuana, making them the first among the U.S. states to decriminalize the practice.

You can own 1 ounce

As per the relaxed rule, Washington will now allow all those at least 21 years old to buy as much as one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana from a licensed retailer. Colorado’s measure allows possession of an ounce, and permits growing as many as six plants in private, secure areas. Oregon voters rejected a similar measure.


Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed Tuesday with 53 percent approval. The new law allows anyone over 21 to go into a specialty retail store and buy up to an ounce of marijuana. Supporters in the state danced in the streets when the results became final.

Supporters are thrilled

Coulter deVries, a Kansas City lawyer who supports the legalization of marijuana, was quoted as saying –
“Look, a lot of people smoke pot, and it’s ridiculous to throw them in jail when they get caught with it.”

Special ‘pot’ trips to Colorado

“You know people are going to drive to Colorado from Kansas City and a whole bunch of other places,” Larry Townsend, the sheriff of Wallace County in Kansas, told The Star on Wednesday.

It’s still crime in other states

Washington, Colorado and Oregon were among six states with marijuana on their ballots. In Massachusetts, residents approved a measure to allow medical use, while Arkansas voters rejected such a proposal.

While the other states battle it out, people might travel all the way to Colorado, just to smoke a ‘pot’ !



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