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Will Sangma be the next President of India? Jaya lobbies hard.

Can P.A. Sangma, the former Speaker of Loksabha, be the next President of India? Apart from his tribal community background, the fact that he belongs to the Christian minority community, is also supposed to have been a primary factor boosting his prospects.

Reports have indicated that J Jayalalitha, has been lobbying strongly for the candidature of Mr. Sangma for the top most post of the Indian democratic system. Jayalalitha is known to have been in touch with most of the non-UPA leaders on Sunday, campaigning for Mr. Sangma.

It was five days before that Naveen Patnaik of Orissa and Jayalalitha proposed the name of Sangma, as their candidate for the Presidential run. They had described him as an “eminently qualified” candidate from tribal communities.

It is understood that on Sunday, Jayalalitha had spoken to Prakash Karat, A B Bardhan of CPI, Mulayam Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, and Mr. Chandrababu Naidu of the TDP, to join hands in voting for Mr. Sangma.

Interestingly she is also reported to have spoken to Mr. LK Advani, regarding this matter. Mr. Advani is said to have been “positively inclined” about the proposal, however the official stance of the BJP would be taken after discussing with all the other senior colleagues from the party along with the leaders of the NDA.

Christian clerics are also backing up Sangma’s nomination. They have been reported to have written a letter to LK Advani, seeking the party support for a Christian President this time. The letter pointed out that there had been presidents earlier from other minority communities -three of them belonging to the Muslim community and one belonging to the Sikh community – implying that a Christian can get to the top post this time.



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