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Yuvraj battled out a true victory. Emotional welcomes galore.

The spirits ran high when the country welcomed back Yuvraj Singh to his homeland, after battling an off-pitch life threatening struggle with the deadly disease of Cancer. “Thank God, I am home” – Yuvi was quoted saying while he flashed a victory sign, as he came back victorious to the home country.

yuvraj singh comeback

Emotionally charged fans who had thronged, welcomed him with warm greetings when he landed in the Delhi Airport on Monday morning.

Sachin Tendulkar, one of Yuvraj Singh’s close aides, was also apparently taken away emotionally. Sachin immediately tweeted – “Yuvi- Got well soon ?. Welcome back home my brother after winning a tough battle with cancer.”

Yuvraj Singh had suffered a germ cell cancer attack in his lungs , following which he went to England to get his illness cured. The sporting star was reported to have undergone three cycles of chemotherapy during the treatment course. As with many patients undergoing the chemotherapy, Yuvi’s head was balded. He sported a red cap on his bald head.

yuvraj with his mother shabnam singh

Wishes and greetings have poured in from all corners of the country for this cricketing icon, who was instrumental in leading India to its worldcup last year. Kevin Pietersen was quoted as saying – “When you see a fellow professional go through tough times, you should do anything you can. Yuvi is a fighter and I hope to see him fighting for India very soon”, said Pietersen at an event.”. Sri Lanka’s top player Mahela Jayawardena also appreciated Yuvi’s solidarity and welcomed on his comeback.



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