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Fresh tremors felt in Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai at 4:15 PM. Indonesian earthquake of 8.9.

Fresh tremors were again felt in the Indian cities of Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai at around 4:15 PM. This is in succession to the earlier tremors that were experienced in these cities at around 2PM. The shocks however remained mild. The second quake is reported to have an intensity of 8.2 on the Richter scale, and having occurred with an epi-centre at 615 km southwest of Banda Aceh in northernmost Sumatra.

Latest update at 6PM IST – India has withdrawn the Tsunami warning issued earlier, following the earthquakes.

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A major earthquake of 8.9 magnitude has stuck the Indonesian coast. A tsunami alert has been issued after the tremor waves started crossing. People in many parts of Asia including Thailand, Singapore have felt tremors.

Cities in India have also not been spared. People from Bangalore, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata have reported to have experienced mild tremors, minutes after 2’O clock in the afternoon. Many people were seen rushing out of the office buildings and houses in panic. The tremors were mild but people could perceive things and structures shaking. “My office furniture started shaking and we ran out of the office building” – one of our readers from Bangalore, exclaimed. The iconic Kolkata metro was reported to have been stopped for more than an hour after tremors were felt in the city of Kolkata.

aceh indonesia earthquake map

Aceh Province in Indonesia (Map courtesy : Google)

Tsunami Warning has been issued in the countries of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.

Indonesia has given a fresh warning of Tsunami as aftershock tremors hit its western coast with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2.

Andaman and Nicobar islands along with the States of TN and Andhra Pradesh have also been on the Tsunami alert zone. It could be recalled that a massive 9.1-magnitude earthquake in 2004, had triggered a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that killing 230,000 people. A majority of these victims were from Aceh in Indonesia.

Policemen and Rescue officials have been reported to evacuate people from beaches of Chennai and Andhra Pradesh. Nicobar islands are expected to see huge waves of water, where evacuation operations have already begun.

The US Geological Survey has reported that the epi-centre of this earthquake was around 20 miles beneath the ocean floor, which is around 300 miles away from the capital of Aceh province in Indonesia.

Pictures of people running out of office buildings in Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai (Pics uploaded by various people in Twitter)

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